5 Things You Should Know When Selecting a Professional Restoration Contractor
  1. They should be able to demonstrate success in completion of similar repairs.
    SRS has successfully completed over 400 projects in the last 18 years, ranging from small leak repairs to complete facade replacements.

  2. They should have professionally trained and experienced staff.
    SRS provides over 1000 man-hours of training every year to make sure our staff is current with all industry standards.

  3. They should be clear and timely with all communications from start to finish on every project.
    At SRS, we believe it’s our job to keep you “in the loop”, but out of the messes.

  4. They should be financially solid and able to protect you from potential liabilities. Bonding companies don’t bond just anyone.
    SRS carries a $5 million Umbrella policy, and is bondable up to $8 million for payment, performance and your peace of mind.

  5. They should have the experience to diagnose a problem.
    Problems are sometimes more than “skin deep”. SRS has the experience to find the root cause, and provide guidance for the best repair solution.