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Restoration in North Carolina

The experienced professionals at Structural Restoration Services, Inc. provide the highest-quality North Carolina commercial building restoration solutions.

Our restoration contractors are dedicated to honoring your vision and working with integrity. We can restore your building’s original beauty and structural stability while meeting state regulations.

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SRS celebrates 25 years of restoration services.

Why Seek Professional Restoration?

Restoration requires specialized expertise. Experts must assess an existing structure to identify potential damages and complete necessary repairs. This process may involve demolition, which often isn’t needed in new construction. Contractors usually destroy and remove parts of a structure while preserving other building components, offering more sustainable solutions.

After removing any waste, experts can proceed with plans made during the inspection. Reconstructing an existing structure requires a meticulous approach. Professionals add the finishing touches and conduct a quality check, ensuring the building’s original structure and appearance are properly cared for throughout the process.

The team at Structural Restoration Services, Inc. works with building owners, property owners, engineers and architects to provide the best results possible for your project.

Our North Carolina Restoration Services

We offer a wide array of restoration services.

Concrete Repair

Maintaining concrete can keep your building visually pleasing, enhance the structure’s safety and prevent the need for more extensive repairs or replacements later on. Our professionals perform concrete repair services to remedy any deteriorating, cracking or spalling concrete in a timely fashion.

Masonry Repair

Completing masonry restoration requires in-depth knowledge and specialized skills. We offer a complete range of professional masonry solutions, including comprehensive inspections, science-driven recommendations, expert repair and mortar joint repointing.

Historic Preservation

Restoring a landmark can keep the rich cultural heritage of a building alive for generations. Our professional contractors provide historic restoration services to preserve, reconstruct or rehabilitate a structure.

Building Services

Investing in building maintenance and repairs helps you save money on property management in the long run. We can develop a proactive approach to safeguard your facility, enhance the safety of your structure and extend your building’s life span.

Leak Repair

Addressing leaks quickly reduces risks to your building’s structure and occupants. Our leak repair restoration team can conduct an investigation to pinpoint an issue, assess the scope of the damage, provide necessary work and develop a plan to prevent more costly fixes later.

Your North Carolina Restoration Contractors

Partnering with Structural Restoration Services, Inc. provides many benefits, including:

– Decades of experience: Our family-owned company has worked in the restoration industry since 1992.

– Tema of professionals: We ensure our technicians and foreman are highly trained, skilled and experienced.

– Valuable resources: Our long-lasting relationships with industry suppliers, engineers, architects,  general contractors and subcontractors allow us to provide you with the best value.e and results.

– Superior quality: We sincerely care about providing the best solutions for each project, which has  earned us many glowing reviews from happy clients.

Preserve Historic and Modern Buildings With Structural Restoration Services, Inc.

Whether you need North Carolina building leak repairs or restoration services, you can count on our experts. Contact our trusted team today to discuss your project.

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