Safety is our Priority

At Structural Restoration Services, Inc., the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and the public is top priority.  All of our new team members go through a safety training prior to setting foot on a jobsite and all of our Field Foremen have “OSHA 30 Hour” safety training.  Every person on our jobsites – team members, subcontracting partners, supporting professionals, and clients – is accountable for safety.  All are expected to be vigilant to potential hazards, stop unsafe actions, and carry out safe behaviors.  Additionally, all of our team members and subcontractors are trained on the use of our company owned and rented equipment.  We conduct weekly safety meetings on our jobsites and all of our jobsites are required to have minimum safety equipment as well as specialized equipment for the tasks being performed.

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Accident Prevention

Our goal is simple:  ZERO accidents.

We want EVERY team member to return to their family every day as healthy as when they headed out the door that morning!

Our accident prevention goal is achieved through a system of education/training, and accountability.


  • Every newly hired team member receives initial safety training prior to starting work on site.
  • Our Project Foremen conduct weekly “Tool Box Talks” on every project site.
  • Before any team member is asked to operate a new piece of equipment, they receive training on the safe, proper operation of that equipment.
  • Our Project Foremen receive 30 Hour OSHA training, and all field supervisors receive First Aid/CPR training.
  • SRS operates a state certified Safety Committee, which meets on a monthly basis.


  • Our field management staff performs Startup Safety Assessment on each project, as well as daily inspections to identify any potential hazards.
  • We also engage the services of third-party inspection firms, to assist our field personnel in keeping our jobsites safe.
  • Safe work behavior is rewarded with safety incentives, and anyone who chooses to ignore our policies and work in an unsafe manner will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • We encourage every employee to be alert to unsafe conditions, and any unsafe actions of others. We have an open door policy in this regard and are always looking for feedback on ways to improve our safe work practices.

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