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Restoration in the District of Columbia

Historical buildings deserve to be restored to their former glory. Facilities of all ages require maintenance to ensure they retain visual appeal and structural stability. Safeguard the value of your properties with Structural Restoration Services, Inc.

As your structural restoration contractors in the District of Columbia, we have the expertise, techniques and resources to preserve your building.

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SRS celebrates 25 years of restoration services.

Why Hire Historic Restoration Contractors in D.C.?

Structural Restoration Services, Inc. is your full-service team for building restoration, maintenance and repairs. Our professionals have the specialized knowledge and experience to provide the highest-quality solutions for historical and modern structures throughout Washington, D.C., and beyond.

Buildings may show signs of wear and tear over time. Completing restoration in a timely fashion is essential for preventing further damage or deterioration. Our proactive approach offers enhanced protection and extends the time frame until tailored solutions are needed again.

Resolving issues promptly enhances your structure’s security. You can have peace of mind mitigating risks and protecting occupants for years to come. Gain more peace of mind that your structure is well-maintained and visually pleasing while increasing your property’s value.

Our Building Preservation in the District of Columbia

We offer many restoration services, including the following:

Concrete Repair

Our team is dedicated to repairing and preserving concrete structures. Our services involve patching cracks, spalling and deterioration. We ensure structural stability and restore your building’s original appearance.

Masonry Repair

We offer various masonry solutions for commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties. Our services include comprehensive inspections, science-driven repair recommendations, expert restoration and mortar joint repointing.

Leak Repair

Our highly trained industry experts offer building leak services to identify the source of a leak and resolve the issue. We work quickly to prevent further damage or deterioration, enhance the protection of your building and maintain your property value.

Historic Preservation

We offer historic building preservation to preserve cities’ culturally significant structures for generations. Our approach to D.C. historic preservation involves establishing the correct historical era, replacing materials with original or replicated details as needed, conducting contract window restoration, preserving the structure’s integrity and providing rehabilitation.

Building Services

Our team provides routine maintenance and repairs for multiple facility types and needs. We develop a solid upkeep strategy to lower the need for more extensive restoration services so you can save money in the long run.

Discover the Difference in Our Restoration Services

Structural Restoration Services, Inc. offers many benefits, including:

– Trusted technicians: Our professionals have the knowledge, skills and training to deliver successful results for your project.  

– Industry expertise: We have experience providing building repair, restoration and preservation services for over 30 years.

– Valuable partners: Our long-term relationships with specialists in our industry allow us to provide the best value possible. 

– Quality services: We have established an excellent reputation through our history of providing award-winning quality to our clients. 

Preserve the Beauty and Heritage of Your Building

Structural Restoration Services, Inc. restores and preserves buildings throughout the District of Columbia. To learn more and start a project with us, contact our team today.

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