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Preventative Building Repair Maintenance is Critical

Avoid the “big” building repairs in the future by addressing the little ones now. Maintenance and repair of critical building components is an important service that Structural Restoration Services, Inc. (SRS) provides to our clients.


We offer comprehensive expertise for routine upkeep for multiple facility types and needs, including properties with historical value to preserve.

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3 Things You Should Know About Building Repair and Maintenance

SRS is your source for explaining the “how” and “why” behind commerical building repairs and restoration.

1. Understanding the “Big Picture” – You need a building restoration contractor who has experience in dealing with the larger building envelope repairs associated with improper maintenance, who can identify the potential problem areas, and “nip them in the bud.” SRS, by dealing with multimillion-dollar repair projects, understands building construction management, and what to look for…to help you avoid the same future!

2. Knowing what’s important and what’s not – Just because “it’s just maintenance” doesn’t mean that the work should be performed with anything less than top quality. SRS uses the same materials, methods, and trained, skilled technicians to perform maintenance-type repairs as we do for multimillion-dollar restoration projects. We install every repair to last.

3. Assessment is the key – “Is this a problem?” A failed sealant joint may be a minor issue, but then again, it may indicate a more serious underlying problem.

You need a building restoration contractor who knows the difference! SRS is that contractor. With the in-house knowledge of hundreds of successfully completed building repairs, training, and years of experience working with design professionals, we can identify the potential problems, answer the questions and give the guidance needed to help you avoid a bigger, more costly problems in the future.

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