Concrete Repair

Why replace it, if you can repair it?

Cracking, spalling, and deteriorating concrete is not only unsightly, but it should be repaired early on to avoid further, possibly more serious, repairs or even replacement in the future. The safety of your building occupants is another primary reason to investigate a concrete crack repair in a timely fashion.


These defects can impact structural integrity or pose other dangers, such as trip and fall hazards. Concrete repair and restoration services often provide a cost-effective solution to these issues and help mitigate your risks.

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Structural Restoration Service working on the St Paul Garage project

3 Things You Should Know About Concrete Restoration and Repair Services

When considering structural concrete restoration services and repair in the Mid Atlantic, keep these factors in mind.

1. Assessment is the key – “Is this crack a problem?” A crack may be a problem, but then again, it may not. You need a restoration contractor who knows the difference! SRS is that contractor. With the in-house knowledge of hundreds of successfully completed repairs, training, and years of experience working with design professionals, we can answer the questions and give the guidance needed to solve your concrete problems.

2. Concrete damage repair may be a more efficient solution – Why replace it when you may be able to repair it? That “ugly” concrete spall may be able to be repaired instead of replacing the whole member, thus saving the cost and disruption associated with replacing it. SRS has performed many such repairs to the great satisfaction of its clients.

3. All “patches” are not created equally – Thinking it just needs a simple patch? Many concrete contractors do not understand the importance of following industry standards for the preparation of the repair area, which is critical for the integrity and longevity of the repair.

SRS follows the proven published industry standards for concrete repair and stays up-to-date with the latest research and repair methodology as a benefit of our membership in many professional repair organizations.

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