Structural Repair

A Focus on Structural Building Safety

Some structural building repair strengthening needs are obvious and occur quickly, such as damage from a weather event or accident. Others may be less visible and take longer to develop. When issues happen, you need timely professional intervention from experts. Getting sound advice helps reduce your risks, preserve the building’s strength, enhance its safety and extend its life span. The bottom line? Structural building repairs protect lives and property.

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Structural Repair Services being worked on by the team of workers

3 Things You Should Know About Structural Building Repair

Consider some fundamentals about structural repair contractors when deciding which one to partner with for your project.

1. Safety is the top priority – If you run into the unfortunate situation of needing structural repairs, you need a contractor who understands the importance and has the resources to protect the lives and property you are responsible for.

SRS is your local structural building repair contractor in PA and across the Mid Atlantic. We have been called upon to stabilize unstable situations on a temporary basis. We then work with your engineer or use our resources to formulate and complete permanent repair strengthening solutions.

2. Resolution starts with identifying the signs of the hidden problem –  “What’s lurking behind my walls?” Sometimes, structural deterioration can occur behind walls slowly over a long period of time. SRS has the capability to identify, verify and correct this condition through structural damage repair.

3. Creative Structural Damage Repair Solutions are possible –  Many times, there is more than one solution to a structural issue. A change of materials and methods can make a complicated, expensive solution become a simple, less expensive solution.

SRS has a wide range of tools, resources and capabilities to come up with creative solutions. Using new technologies and materials such as “carbon fiber reinforcing” provides owners with options that did not exist just a few years ago.


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