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Facade Restoration

When you need comprehensive building facade restoration services to improve your building’s aesthetics, durability and safety, trust Structural Restoration Services, Inc. We cater our facade repair services in PA to building owners, property managers, architects and contractors, helping to revitalize building exteriors to preserve their appearance and structural integrity.

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What Is Facade Restoration? The Restoration of Your Facade May Be As Simple as Cleaning

As a building ages and is exposed to atmospheric conditions, some of its components can deteriorate, resulting in cracking, spalling, leaking, sealant failure, and other damaging conditions.

Facade Restoration Inspection

As facades age and withstand natural forces, they are susceptible to problems such as:

  • Water infiltration: Aging facades experience gradual wear and tear that lets water into the building, leading to building material decay, mold growth and structural damage. Facade restoration techniques can repair the damage and apply waterproofing products to prevent future water infiltration.
  • Surface material deterioration: Harsh weather conditions, mold growth and pollutants erode facade materials and lead to staining and discoloration. Restorative cleaning techniques can remove debris, and restore aesthetics.
  • Structural issues: Aging, water infiltration, and structural settling can lead to cracks and other damage that compromise structural integrity. Facade restoration focuses on repairing structural issues to ensure safety.

Building Facade Maintenence and Restoration Techniques

In recent years, facade restoration innovations have been focused on greater sustainability. Techniques and technologies are developed with energy conservation in mind, helping restoration teams use materials more efficiently to reduce waste.

We are members of several professional industry organizations that help us stay updated on the latest industry standards, best practices and effective trends. Our memberships within these organizations enable us to keep up with the training and knowledge we need to use cutting-edge techniques and technologies on all our restoration projects.

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Since 1992, Structural Restoration Services, Inc. has been the mid-Atlantic’s trusted partner for facade restorations, both on modern and historical buildings. Our highly trained facade restoration contractors and professionals will work with you to find the innovative and cost-effective facade repair solutions you need to address facade damage and repair concerns so that you can preserve your building’s exterior.

A few of our building facade restoration capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive facade inspections, typically partnering with a restoration design professional
  • Proper cleaning procedures for various facade materials
  • Water leak repairs
  • Structural component reinforcement
  • Material repairs and replacements

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3 Things You Should Know About Our Building Facade Repair and Restoration Services

Our experienced team will work quickly to identify the root causes of problems and offer innovative solutions that keep your modern or historic building’s facade in excellent condition for many years to come.

1. We Offer Comprehensive Facade Evaluation and Restoration Planning

Every facade restoration project should begin with a thorough inspection to assess facade damage and determine the scope of work. We work with restoration design professionals to examine surface damage, building openings and structural issues. Our team will review the building’s history and your goals to create a tailored restoration plan that suits your building’s needs. We will also help you develop a facade maintenance strategy to promote long-term building health and aesthetic appeal.

2. Historical Building Facades Deserve Preservation and Specialized Care

We have extensive experience preserving historic buildings to ensure they are safe and stable, all while respecting their heritage and historical value. Structural Restoration Services, Inc. is committed to maintaining the architectural integrity of historic structures, which is why we use specialized approaches for historical building facade restoration.

3. You Can Trust Us for Modern Facade Treatments and Maintenance

Structural Restoration Services, Inc. uses innovative products, techniques and technologies to restore and maintain facades. Regular cleaning with the proper products for the facade’s material can help extend the facade’s functional and aesthetic life span. We can also perform any repairs needed to ensure the future integrity of the building .

Why Choose Structural Restoration Services, Inc.?

When you partner with Structural Restoration Services, Inc., you can depend on us to offer experienced and highly skilled services that focus on your needs and goals. We collaborate with owners and design professionals, working with all stakeholders to achieve optimal restoration outcomes such as improved aesthetics and increased safety.

We believe it is our moral responsibility to deliver high-quality work on every project. Our team will communicate with you frequently and clearly, collaborating with you throughout the entire process to ensure your satisfaction. With access to innovative products, equipment and restoration techniques, we deliver the exceptional results you need to make your facade restoration a success.

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Structural Restoration Services, Inc. offers the expert, honest restoration services you need. Contact us today to schedule a time to discuss your project.

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