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Masonry Restoration Contractors That Know the Difference

There is a difference between hiring a masonry contractor, and hiring a masonry restoration contractor in PA. Masonry restoration involves unique challenges that are different from new masonry construction, and you need a contractor that knows the difference.

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3 Things You Should Know About Masonry Restoration Services

All masonry restoration contractors are not created equally. Here are a few factors to remember when choosing the right one for your masonry project.

1. Expertise and experience are essential An inexperienced masonry contractor who does not understand or use Masonry Restoration Industry Standard construction methods could cause irreparable damage to your masonry.  For example, did you know that improper repointing techniques can scar masonry? Using wire brushes and sandblasting can severely damage masonry? And some chemicals used for cleaning and sealing can permanently stain or discolor masonry?

Masonry repair contractors with expertise and experience in restoration industry standards and best practices knows how to do the job properly.

SRS has the proven, award-winning experience necessary to understand the potential dangers and challenges associated with masonry restoration services, and to treat your building with the respect it deserves.

As a proud member of the Mid-Atlantic Masonry Association (MAMA), our membership demonstrates our commitment to expanding our professional knowledge and staying current with industry changes. We draw from decades of experience to deliver the expertise your project deserves.

2. Following instructions is crucial for success – Proper historic masonry restoration is achieved by following specific industry standards, project details and specifications and having the experience to know what works.

3. SRS understands masonry – We draw from our in-house masonry restoration service knowledge base, and we work with design professionals and manufacturers to ensure successful historic masonry repairs with respect to structural integrity, aesthetics and water-tightness.

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SRS has been a trusted source for masonry restoration service near you since 1992. When choosing between masonry restoration companies in the Mid-Atlantic, we’re the partner of choice because of our dedication to superior qualitycommitment to safety and track record of success. Let us help with your project and experience the difference working with an expert makes.


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