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When you picture a historic neighborhood, the first thing that comes to mind is streets lined with decades-old brick buildings, offering a beautiful piece of history. Though brick buildings may offer any area a timeless feel, they require continuous upkeep to preserve their beauty. At Structural Restoration Services, Inc., we are ready to preserve the natural beauty of any brick building by tuckpointing old brick. 

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Expert Tuckpointing Services for Building Restoration

Tuckpointing strengthens the integrity of a brick structure by refilling cracked or damaged joints. The brick tuckpointing process will enhance the visual appeal of your brick structure while avoiding extensive repairs, which are usually needed for exposure to environmental elements.

A common misconception is that tuckpointing and brick pointing are the same, but they are incredibly different. Tuckpointing brick is a proactive solution to prevent moisture and mold damage in exposed mortar joints. Brick pointing involves installing new brick and filling the mortar joints during construction. The commonality between these two restoration services is that they safeguard your building against environmental damage.

Our Approach to Structural Preservation

SRS works closely with brick building owners to ensure the best outcome for their commercial tuckpointing needs. Once we recognize that brick tuckpointing is necessary for your building, we will find the underlying cause of the damage and work diligently to fix the problem. Brick tuckpointing is an easy process for expert masons that includes:

  1. Removing damaged mortar from the brick building.
  2. Matching the new mortar to the current brick, cutting thin strips down the middle of the joints.
  3. Blending the final coat or mortar to match the original and fill the grooves.

Mid-Atlantic Tuckpointing

Brick tuckpointing commonly occurs every 25 to 30 years. However, specific locations may require frequent brick building restoration. Structural Restoration Services, Inc. serves the Mid-Atlantic region, which was home to the first settlers and the buildings they constructed — therefore, these brick buildings need regular repairs.

Along with natural aging, this region’s humidity, snow and rain play an instrumental part in weathering brick, resulting in the need for tuckpointing to preserve the structure and prevent damage.

3 Things to Know About Tuckpointing

When your building needs brick tuckpointing, it is vital to consider what the tuckpointing process offers. 

Recognizing signs that your building needs tuckpointing services: You need a professional who knows when your building requires tuckpointing by spotting cracks or crumbling, holes in your mortar and weathered surfaces on your structure’s mortar. 

Restoring the original beauty of historic and modern buildings: Tuckpointing old brick can ensure any brick building continues to be eye-catching. Tuckpointing enhances the building’s aesthetic and also ensures it doesn’t have to undergo construction that can harm its original appeal.

Enhancing your building’s longevity through professional tuckpointing: The tuckpointing process allows you to save money on critical expenses from environmental factors, such as humidity and rain. A professional tuckpointing technician can enhance a building’s life span by identifying warning signs of decay and finding the underlying cause. 

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Structural Restoration Services, Inc. is committed to restoring structural integrity and protecting your commercial building through our expert tuckpointing services. With our award-winning quality and highly trained team, we are dedicated to providing the best services to the Mid-Atlantic region.

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