Historic Preservation

Restore a Piece of History

When you restore a historic property, you are preserve a piece of our rich cultural history. You need to know the work will not just be good enough for now but good enough for many future generations to learn from and enjoy.

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historic preservation on an outside building

3 Things You Should Know About Historic Preservation Services

When considering historic building restoration services, there are several key factors to keep in mind.

1. Lack of knowledge and experience can be destructive – An inexperienced contractor who does not understand or use Masonry Restoration Industry Standard construction methods could cause irreparable damage to your masonry.

For example, did you know that improper repointing techniques can scar masonry? Using wire brushes and sandblasting can severely damage masonry? And some chemicals used for cleaning and sealing can permanently stain or discolor masonry?

SRS has the proven, award-winning experience necessary to understand the potential dangers and to treat your building with the respect it deserves. We understand that it’s not “just another construction project.” It’s a valuable part of history.

2. Historic Preservation means matching original construction – When restoring versus replacing, an understanding of the original construction is critical to the proper repair of the property. SRS draws on its knowledge base, and its resources for testing and inspection to get this understanding.

3. It’s essential to follow the standards – Historical restoration is governed by various government organizations and standards, which may vary based on the property location. SRS understands and follows all applicable industry and government standards and requirements for each project.

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SRS professionals are your trusted historic building restoration contractors in the mid-Atlantic area. Our experience with challenging structural restorations spans over three decades and counting. We back that in-depth knowledge with a history of award-winning quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, we approach each project with an emphasis on safety and collaboration toward a shared goal.


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