Maryland Restoration Services

At Structural Restoration Services, Inc., we provide building restoration to repair and preserve structures. Our team of restoration contractors brings your buildings back to their original appearance while ensuring structural stability.

We provide restoration services in Maryland with expertise to meet the state’s specific needs. With our historic building restoration in Maryland, we can protect buildings along the Chesapeake Bay from water encroachment or preserve brickwork in the state’s capital. Whether you seek storm repairs, waterproofing, concrete refurbishment or other building restoration services in Maryland, turn to us.

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SRS celebrates 25 years of restoration services.

The Need for Specialized Restoration Expertise

Restoration has unique differences from new construction work. Both involve working on a building, but restoration requires specialized expertise. Here’s an overview of the restoration process and how it differs from new construction:

  1. Inspection: Reconstruction projects begin with assessing the existing structure to determine the damage and necessary repairs. New construction won’t require this step.
  2. Demolition: This stage involves destroying parts of a structure and removing waste. While new construction teams may do demolition, they may not have the expertise to preserve parts of a building’s structure.
  3. Reconstruction: Reconstruction begins according to the plans made during the inspection. Working with an existing structure means a more meticulous approach than new construction.
  4. Finishing: After completing reconstruction, teams can add any finishing touches, ensuring they care for the building’s original structure and look throughout the process.

We Handle Diverse Restoration Projects

The unique nature of restoration work calls for a specialized team. At Structural Restoration Services, Inc., we offer maintenance, structural restoration and concrete repair in Maryland. We work with building owners, property managers, engineers and architects. Our past Maryland projects include:

– Arena garage expansion joint repairs in Baltimore

– Emerson Bromo Seltzer Tower exterior restoration in Baltimore

– Kingsbrook Clubhouse masonry restoration in Frederick

Our Restoration Services

We work on industrial, institutional, commercial and multi-residential properties in Maryland. Our work includes:

We address sudden restoration needs like storm damage or provide maintenance services over time to keep a building in good condition.

Other Supporting Services

Beyond offering restoration services, we provide additional expertise to enhance the appearance of buildings or support their structural integrity. We provide coating services, reinforcement, repairs of specific building elements and even new masonry work.

A Proven Track Record

When you seek a reliable partner for restoration, turn to Structural Restoration Services, Inc. We have operated in the mid-Atlantic since 1992. Our family-owned business takes a team-oriented approach to accomplish your project. Some of our customers have even worked with us on multiple projects over the years.

Our customers enjoy working with us since we have:

  • Memberships in industry organizations to enhance our knowledge.
  • history of satisfied customers with positive testimonials.
  • Experience with hundreds of restoration projects.

Share Your Restoration Vision With Us

Whether you come to us for Maryland concrete repair or structural restoration services, you can count on our expertise. Explore our restoration services to learn what we can do for you, and contact our trusted team to discuss your project in more detail.

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