Terra Cotta Repair

Terra Cotta Repair and Restoration Services

Terra cotta originated centuries ago and is still popular today. This porous material can be particularly vulnerable to the elements, causing building facades to deteriorate. 


Building owners don’t have to worry about this deterioration when they partner with Structural Restoration Services, Inc. We have the skills and experience to restore terra cotta buildings to their stunning former appearance. 

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Different Types of Terra Cotta Restoration for Historic and Commercial Buildings

There are various forms of terra cotta damage. Here are some common approaches to repair this material and ensure the longevity of your building:  

Repointing: Small gaps may form between mortar joints over time. Repointing helps to restore the bond between masonry elements to seal out water. 

Glaze replication: The glazing on terra cotta can deteriorate, making the material weaker. This repair type requires a special coating to renew the glaze. 

Minor spalling repair: Terra cotta specialists can often repair small spalls with specialized products made specifically for smaller, thinner spalls. Attending to minor spalls early on prevents them from becoming larger problems. 

Comprehensive spalling repair: Deeper spalls need to be repaired with a specialized mortar that provides high bond strength and minimal shrinkage. 

Crack repair:  Cracks in terra cotta can be injected/sealed with special grouts made specifically for this purpose.

Special Techniques Involved in Terra Cotta Repair and Maintenance

Each terra cotta restoration project is different. Before commencing repairs, our specialists will need to access the site to develop a restoration strategy. By leveraging their expertise, they will work with our design partners to assess the condition of the material to determine the best course of action. 

As terra cotta is susceptible to water, so waterproofing techniques help maintain the structural integrity of the material after repairs. These techniques include waterproof coatings and sealants for enhanced durability. 

3 Things to Know About Terra Cotta Repair and Restoration Services

If you’re considering terra cotta repair and restoration for your building, here are three things you need to know: 

1. It Is a Sustainable Practice

Repairing terra cotta masonry is more cost-effective than replacement. This helps building owners save money while keeping used materials out of landfills.

2. It Promotes Historical Preservation

Terra cotta building facades are a common feature in historical architecture. Repairing these elements helps to maintain the appearance of the building so that future generations can enjoy them. 

3. It Requires Technical Expertise 

Terra cotta is a unique building material. Restoration teams require in-depth knowledge and experience working with terra cotta to ensure quality results. 

Why Choose Structural Restoration Services, Inc. 

Structural Restoration Services, Inc. is committed to exceeding customer expectations in each restoration project. By entrusting us with your terra cotta repairs, you benefit from our extensive experience and skills with this material. 

Contact our team today to discuss your building restoration needs. We’ll then schedule a site visit, explain our process and go out of our way to achieve it! 

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