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Commercial, industrial or multi-residential properties have unique risk landscapes for leaking. These structures often have flat roofs, substantial hidden plumbing and fixtures or pipes that see heavy use and sometimes the building flashing systems are not properly installed. All increase the potential for commercial roof leaks and water infiltration to occur. When they do, effects range from minor inconvenience to major structural damage. Addressing leaks in buildings quickly is necessary to reduce risks to your building’s guests and occupants. The key to success? Identifying the source.

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Leak repair project in 2023

3 Things You Should Know About Foundation Leak Repair Services

When faced with a commercial building leak, you must consider several factors to choose a professional to handle the project.

1. Success starts with using the right approach – You need a contractor who is committed to solving the leaks, not just “band-aiding” them. SRS understands the disruption, damage and liability caused by water leakage. Solving the leaks with the least amount of disruption is always our goal.

2. Diagnosis is the key – Building leaks can sometimes be complicated, originating from a variety of sources. Whether working with your design professional, your maintenance staff or independently, SRS believes that a methodical step-by-step testing process is the best way to determine the source and solution to the leak problem so that it can be fixed for good.

3. Turnkey capabilities matter  –  Once located, the leak source can be eliminated, but the associated damage must then be repaired. SRS not only has the capability to stop the leak source but also to restore any part of your building that was damaged. Our services are “turnkey.”

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SRS proudly serves commercial property professionals throughout the mid-Atlantic region with award-winning quality and a history of success in resolving complex property issues. Our team focuses on safety and prioritizes customer satisfaction with each project we take on. We’re ready to help with expert water leak investigation and leak testing services to reduce risks and restore peace of mind.


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