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Expert Brick and Stone Restoration Services

Your brick and stone residential or commercial building adds beauty to the neighborhood. Ensure it maintains its appearance and structural integrity with professional stone masonry repairs from Structural Restoration Services, Inc. We have over 30 years of experience providing brick and stone repair and restoration services for property managers, building owners, historical societies and other building professionals in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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Brick and Stone Restoration Services for Every Need

Structural Restoration Services, Inc. is your one-stop solution for stone masonry repair. We offer comprehensive restoration solutions for buildings made of brick and stone, from concrete repair to historic preservation. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Stone replacement
  • Stone and brick patching and repair
  • Brick pointing
  • Comprehensive stonework inspections

We have unparalleled expertise and knowledge, which comes only with decades of industry experience. When completing projects, our team combines modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring the building’s structural integrity remains sound and increasing its longevity.

3 Things to Know About Brick and Stone Repair

Remember the following when searching for the right contractor for your brick and stone restoration needs.

1. Modern Building Care

The contractors you work with should understand the complexities of caring for brick and stone buildings. Though the buildings may have been built decades ago, it’s vital to use the improved and advanced techniques of modern times to preserve contemporary structures. At SRS, we keep up with industry standards and practices so your buildings stay in good condition.

Modern building care also extends to routine maintenance to help maintain or prolong the building’s live span. SRS can develop a preventative maintenance plan for your brick and stone building to help reduce emergency repairs and prevent more significant problems from arising.

2. Building Life Span

Your best solution to preserve and extend your building’s life span is to rely on professional restoration services. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to perform solutions that prevent premature deterioration and improve the brick and stone structure’s durability.

3. Heritage Conservation

While the buildings you own or manage aren’t as old as stone, they have a history likely spanning several decades or centuries. If any historic buildings are made from brick and stone, it’s important to properly restore and fix any cracks, damages or missing bricks so the buildings retain their originality and historic nature.

At SRS, we are committed to preserving architectural heritage. We understand the significance of historic buildings, so we use the utmost care and attention to detail when performing brick and stone repairs.

Your Trusted Partner in Brick and Stone Building Preservation

Whether your brick and stone building needs repairs or replacements, SRS can help. Our team works closely with building representatives and design professionals to provide exceptional brick and stone masonry restorations. To learn more about how our brick and stone masonry repair services can benefit your building, complete our contact form or call us at 1-800-775-1004 today.

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Ready to Restore Your Buildings Brick and Stone?

Structural Restoration Services, Inc. offers the expert, honest restoration services you need. Contact us today to schedule a time to discuss your project.

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