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Brownstone is a sedimentary sandstone used to construct buildings and structures in the 18th and mid-to-late 19th centuries, especially by the Pennsylvania Quakers. It was easy to quarry and carve, making it a popular material choice for builders. Though it was popular because of its easy carving qualities, the same qualities made brownstone more susceptible to wear and tear, damage and weathering over time, leading to more repairs and restorations for the historic buildings.


Contact Structural Restoration Services, Inc. if you have a brownstone building needing repairs or restoration. We are your trusted brownstone restoration contractor in the Mid-Atlantic.

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When you need brownstone masonry restoration services, SRS is the go-to company in the area. Our team is well-equipped and knowledgeable about maintaining residential, commercial and industrial brownstone structures. You can count on us to restore your property’s facade and interior.

We offer several services to help you maintain your brownstone property, such as:

  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Expert brownstone masonry restoration
  • Tailored brownstone facade solutions

Our team uses special repair techniques to enhance the building’s aesthetics and ensure the repairs are completed for longevity and durability.

We also offer historical building restoration for brownstones, so your building retains its authenticity and integrity.

Brownstone Restoration for Commercial Buildings

Brownstone is a delicate material, and when you need to repair it on a historical building, it is crucial to use specialized skills and the utmost care and precision. Hiring a professional brownstone restoration contractor ensures your commercial property retains its integrity. At SRS, our professionals have the experience and training to restore brownstones successfully.

3 Things to Know About Brownstone Restoration

Ensure you partner with the right brownstone restoration team for your needs by keeping the following factors in mind:

1. Choose Contractors With a Thorough Process

Brownstones are delicate, especially if they are also historical buildings, so it’s key to work with a masonry restoration company that follows strict and comprehensive maintenance processes. At SRS, we provide modern maintenance solutions for brownstones while maintaining their historical integrity. We thoroughly plan our process, keeping preservation and care in mind so we can complete the job efficiently and effectively.

2. Brownstone Repairs Require Specialized Skills

With how susceptible brownstone material is to weathering and damage, it’s important to work with contractors with expert knowledge about brownstone and how to work with it properly. With the right skills, you can achieve long-lasting results.

3. Understanding Brownstone Starts With Communication With Building Representatives

We work closely with building and structure owners’ representatives and design professionals so we understand the history and significance of every restoration we complete. Maintaining constant communication with those knowledgeable about the building ensures we follow industry practices that best suit your property’s needs.

Choose Structural Restoration Services, Inc. for Your Brownstone Restoration

If you have a brownstone building in the Mid-Atlantic area that needs repairs or restoration services, contact SRS for professional brownstone masonry services. With over 30 years of experience in building restoration, we’ll deliver quality solutions. Get started with your brownstone restoration by contacting our contractors today!

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